15 Years

15 years. What has happened in your life in the last 15 years?  Let’s see, I launched a successful Professional Organizing business, survived breast cancer 3 times, had two daughters graduate from college (3rd is on track for a 5/2020 pomp and circumstance celebration), buried 5 close relatives and known several others called away too soon and changed my attitude. There are several other things that transpired in that time, but I think the attitude is the most substantial.

“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.”

This is your year. No more excuses. So many things are intertwined in our life that an improvement in one area can greatly improve another area.  The mental stress of clutter and stuff in our life impacts so much more than our physical surroundings.  Your attitude is the one area that can change so much more.  Yes, you have clutter, admit it and ask for help.

No one can do everything. In today’s marketplace, you can find someone to do everything for you.  Yes, that does require an endless amount of money, but decide what is really bringing you down and put your finances towards that.  Where can you get the most “bang for your buck?”

Of course, I think that asking for help with organizing can give you the greatest bang for your buck. I love my job and if I am doing my job correctly, I eventually work myself out of a job. I work with clients who struggle with disorganization and help them with tips, tricks and ideas on how to improve their life through organization.

Everybody changes over time. Do you like yourself better than before or less?

Things in life happen. I wanted Kennedy to win The Voice, but it didn’t happen. React, grieve console yourself and unfortunately, move on because life moves on. The things that have accumulated into the clutter in your life, may be one of those things you need to grieve, console yourself and move it on. This in turn will allow your own life to move on.