Hire Ellen to Organize your Closet!

Organized by L can help with all types of closet organizing needs! Closet Organization is a popular task for clothes closets, particularly master walk-in closets and kid’s room closets. You can get help sorting through clothes and making piles to donate, seasonally transitioning your clothes from box or bin to closet, and general clearing out and organizing. Are you looking for help rearranging your closets and implementing a new organization system? Ellen can do that, too! From assembling closet systems to helping you create a better layout for your clothes and things, it’s all possible with Closet Organization tasks. You can also get help with your linen closet, medicine cabinet, kitchen pantry, storage unit, and even transforming a closet into a home office.

When it comes to home organization, tackling your bedroom closet is perhaps one of the most difficult yet ultimately satisfying tasks. While organizing a utility closet, linen closet, or pantry involves editing and categorizing everyday items such as cleaning supplies, towels, and nonperishable foods that probably don’t trigger any sentimental feelings, many of us become attached to our clothes, shoes, and accessories along with the memories sparked at the sight of them. However, keeping clothing you no longer wear while adding more pieces, can result in a jumbled, cluttered closet that makes it harder for you to find the pieces you truly enjoy and feel confident wearing each and every day.

How much does it cost to organize my closet?

Closet organization services vary from Closet to Closet.

Can I book a Closet Organization task at my rental property?

Yes! You can use Organized by L whether you are moving into or out of a rental, or if you oversee a rental property and need to prepare it for guests or tenants.

Can I book a Closet Organization task for someone other than myself?

Yes! Many people book tasks to help their parents, families, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. You don’t need to live in the same city as the person for whom you book the task. Just be prepared to correspond with Ellen if you are booking on behalf of someone else in order to provide details about the project.

I just moved and need closet organizing services. Can a Tasker suggest organization systems I can use?

Absolutely. Taskers can identify closet organization systems by doing research or suggesting their tried and true organizing methods. They can help you assemble or install shelving, drawers, etc. as well as help you unpack or unbox. Just let the Tasker know what you are looking for in the task description, including any useful measurements–or if you need help measuring!

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