Easy Garage Organization

Image Courtesy of monkeybarstorage.com

Garages tend to be the dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home. National Clean Out Your Garage Day is the Saturday after Labor Day; September 8, 2012. What is the value of your car sitting out in the elements compared to the value of the stuff taking up the space in your garage?

Get it organized Now! As summer approaches, work on the garage so by Clean Out Your Garage Day, all you will have to do is sweep.

Here are a few tips to get you the gorgeous garage you dreamed of:

  1. Get vertical: There is a lot of height in a garage that can be useful for storage. Most items in our garage are used occasionally. Get them up and out of the way while you are not using them.
  2. Wheels: If it has wheels, it can stay on the floor. No wheels, it has to be off the floor. It makes it easier to do a sweep or a hosing if there isn’t stuff on the floor.
  3. Shelving: There are a variety of shelving units on the market. The ones I like best have adjustable shelves for the different items you will be storing. Even cabinets should be installed off the floor.
  4. Sort: As with all organizing projects, putting like things together gives you an idea of any duplication you have.
  5. Ask for help: Many times projects don’t get started because one doesn’t know where to begin. The services of a Professional Organizer can do wonders for your project. They will get you started and give you motivation to continue. Yes, you will get motivated to do more.
  6. Money: Be willing to spend some money on the project. Yes, it will cost money to organize your garage, but how much are you spending on items that aren’t cared for properly and need to be replaced

You too can have a garage that can be utilized for its intended purpose.