Sorting through a family member’s belongings after a death occurs can be an extremely emotional experience.  Many people find it difficult to begin the sorting process and end putting it off.

Give Yourself Time

We understand that this will be difficult for you, and we guarantee there will be times when you might have to pause and take a second to breathe. As a trained expert, Ellen knows how to complete tasks efficiently while keeping your thoughts and feelings in mind after a death in the family.

Donate to a Charity

There is a myriad of things to address, yet you can feel paralyzed to do anything. While the funeral home will guide you through the official and public ceremony of saying goodbye, it is often the later tasks that are most difficult to know how to do. One of the most trying acts is determining what to do with a lifetime of personal belongings. There will be cherished memories and valuable assets but also many mundane possessions. Selecting a charity that supports a cause representing something close to the heart of the deceased.  This will make you feel good about the purpose those things will serve.

Allow Your Friends to Help

People will be asking how they can help.  You may not feel comfortable going through things with some friends, but you can allow them to drop off your donations or deliver a piece of furniture.  Often the smallest chores feel incredibly taxing so permit other people to lift that burden for you.  They want to help

With Ellen’s assistance, you can focus on what matters most while you are grieving. Discussion of your goals is the first step to moving forward. Ellen can aid you and your family in the difficult task of processing the belongings that surrounded your loved one. When you are ready to move forward, Ellen can help you achieve those goals.

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