Professional Healing & Bereavement Services

Everyone deals with the loss of a loved one differently. You may feel comfortable with the belongings, but in time you will be ready to, and realize the need to move on. The assistance of a Professional Organizer (PO) can help the healing begin. Organized by L is that unbiased third party that allows one to talk through the items and help decide when certain articles need to go. We can also serve as a resource for donating many items. Some things are past their usefulness, but other things could find a useful home elsewhere.

After a death, many families are not able to help a parent process the belongings of the other parent. They may not feel comfortable or emotionally able to help.  Consider the assistance of Professional Organizer when that situation arises.

Many times, a family has lost their second parent and they no longer live in the same town. We can work with you to create an Action Plan to deal with the belongings of the home in a timely, compassionate and confidential manner.