Organizing and reducing your clutter can be a daunting task when it is not your specialty. How do you get started? Asking for help is the best thing you can do to help you overcome your fear of organizing. When decluttering is needed in your home, consider utilizing the services of a Professional Organizer.

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Many closets are not designed to fulfill the needs of the homeowner. To create a space that accommodates your needs, a closet makeover may be needed.  We will make use of wasted space and maximize the overall space so that it suits you!

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Taking the time to get your business organized is difficult since you would prefer to work in your business NOT necessarily on your business. Organized by L can help you get organized in the areas that are a struggle for you.

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Moving ranks in the top 5 of life stressors. Pre-move services and unpacking services are available to help your move go smoothly. Working with a Professional Organizer an keep you on task to break the move into smaller more manageable pieces.

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Downsizing and moving into the next chapter of your life can be very overwhelming.  Many people are literally stuck in stuff because they don’t know where to begin to process the household of 40 years. We assist you with whatever aspect of moving with which you need help.

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Bereavement & Healing

 Losing a loved one is one of the most stressful chapters of our lives. Once the healing begins, it helps to address the belongings and memories of the deceased. Sometimes the services of an unbiased third party can help where family members are unable to help.

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Many times, organizing a space involves more than simply sorting like items and filling a plastic storage bin or two. It may involve a complete facelift of a room to make it flow better. We can help you with that facelift.

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Moved Homes


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Organized Dorms

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