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Organized by L can assist you with your decorating needs. Sometimes an organizing project just needs a little something and Ellen can help you determine what that something is. Redecorating is a term we use to simply rearrange your belongings to improve the flow. A fresh set of eyes can see something in your room that you are overlooking. In addition, we can create a simple window treatment and coordinating pillows to complete the look.

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What is it Like to Work With Ellen?

Finding the right design isn’t just about ability to transform a space. It’s balancing that insight with a designer who listens and works to understand your needs more personally. For us to be successful, our first step is getting to better know our clients. When Ellen meets with you, we will discuss your lifestyle, values, likes and dislikes. By understanding your personal style and gathering insights, we will be able to recommend both the design and functionality that best serves your needs.

No matter what you are looking for in an interior design company, Organized by L Interior Design provides some of the best interior design Columbus, Ohio has to offer. From full service to consulting, Ellen is here to help you make the home of your dreams.

Ellen Will Help

Brighten Your Home Office

Office decluttering and organization is unique for every individual and business ran from a residential home. An organized office reflects a professional well run environment. De-cluttering your desk and work area will provide a fresh space to be more effective and efficient.

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Decorate Your Dining Room

The family dining table has always played an important role in the home, and it will continue to do so for many generations to come. People who are proud of their dining space show confidence, which bring positive energy and connections to people.

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Decorate Your Bedroom

As one of the personal spaces within a home, bedroom needs to strike a balance between being both tranquil and chic. A bedroom should be a place to relax after a long day. Therefore it is very essential to have a pleasantly decorated bedroom for your comfort and healthy sleeping.

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Decorate Your Basement

A finished basement allows you to better accommodate your family and friends when they need a place to stay. You can transform either a portion of your basement or the entire lower level into the ultimate guest suite.


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Setup Your Living Room

A living room is important because it’s a place for guests and family to come together and enjoy leisure. It provides a space for bonding, relaxation, socializing, entertaining–perfect for any occasion.



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Organize your Bathroom

An organized bathroom allows you to find items quickly and easily. This can save you time during your morning routine or when you’re getting ready for bed. When everything has a designated place, you’re less likely to waste time searching for items.

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Organizational Decorating in Columbus, Ohio

As a professional organizational decorator in Columbus, Ohio, Ellen strives to be sensitive to your budgets and your time. She is a huge believer that design can be both accessible and affordable for everyone. Since she has such strong partnerships with her vendors and contractors, she is able to provide clients with high quality services.

Rest Assured

Organized by L Interior Designs can help you take the stress out of your clutter or organizing project, and can help coordinate every step. Sit back and enjoy your project, and more importantly the final product, without the stress and hassle of managing the process. As one of the most trusted organizational decorators in Columbus, Ohio, Ellen strives to make every step easy, transparent, and seamless.

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