Organizing Under the Sink

Looking for an organizing project to get you back outside quickly? Look under your sink. This area can get moldy easily due to any water leaks of which you may not be aware.

First, pull everything out. As you pull out an item, make the call: Do you still use it, or has it been under there since you moved in and you never use it? Divide the items by frequently used and infrequently used. Then you will have the daily used items. These may be dishwasher tablets/detergent and trash bags. These items will be the last to put back.  Wipe out the cabinet and take note of any moisture.

Once you decide what you will keep, see if you have a bin or a box that can be repurposed from elsewhere in the house. Put the items in this container. Of course, this is just temporary storage until you go to the store and get an appreciate bin. Take down the measurement of the size of the container you will need to store these products and write it on the side of the container. When you make your next run, look for the size you need.

If you are somewhat handy, you might also consider installing a pullout cabinet organizer. When you measure for this, be sure to observe any hinges that may get in the way. Many times, you can only install a pullout on one side due to water lines inconveniently installed. Even if you can get one pullout installed, consider doing this. It allows you to get at the items in the back of the cabinet without knocking over the items in the front.  If you don’t install the actual pullout, your bin that you measured can serve as a pullout that isn’t on an official runner.  Just pull out the entire container and you can grab what you need and easily put the whole container back under the sink.

If you keep you trash can under the sink, trim it with a utility knife.  A short trash can that fits usually isn’t big enough to handle a family’s trash needs. The larger size is usually too tall, so when you go to throw something away, there is barely enough clearance to fit your item in. Kids have an even more difficult time throwing things away – it is just too much work for them to tip the trashcan out to fit their trash in. Trim a semi-circle out of the front of the can to allow your hand to fit into the area.  This also will keep your cabinet trim a little cleaner.