Get Organized Bishop Watterson

Presenting a talk on Getting Organized for the Bishop Watterson Mothers’ Club Fall Social.

Tips & Thoughts on organizing through the house, a little bit of paper organizing, products I love and a few of the ever popular B4 and pics!
Join us at Bishop Watterson HS, Wednesday, August 28th, 2013, 7:00 pm.

2 thoughts on “Get Organized Bishop Watterson

  1. I was so inspired by Ellen after this talk that I went home an organized the top drawer in my bathroom!

  2. Clutter is postponed decisions–one of Ellen’s truisms! Thanks for the inspiration Ellen!! I make stacks because I don’t want to make a decison. I made decisions in the junk drawer and on the countertop that we haven’t seen in months. I immediately felt more relaxed walking into my kitchen. I appreciate the push!