Your Kitchen Desk

Is this your desk? (Click on image to enlarge.)

The kitchen desk. Such a practical addition, but so difficult to maintain. Are you using it for its intended purpose or is it your dumping ground?

We tend to have dumping grounds in various spaces throughout our house. These are things that do not have a home or we have not made a decision with regard to where said item should live.  On this kitchen desk, we need to determine what needs to stay and what needs to live elsewhere.

I like to start many jobs like this with the “MACRO” sort.  This is where we just quickly pick up items and put them together with like items on another surface, for instance the kitchen table or a nearby counter.  Within the 2 hours needed to sort this, each of the listed items became a pile.  We didn’t really look at the medical mail, but could tell by a quick glance that it was medically related. And so on with the other things. By seeing the types of things to sort, the client was able to make decisions much easier.  Looking at the desk in its messy state is overwhelming.  Breaking it down into smaller decisions gets the job done. Junk mail got tossed, recipes went into a file near the cookbooks, medical mail went with bills to pay and so on.

2 hours may seem like a long time to take to clear off the desk, but it certainly wasn’t created in 2 hours, considering I found paperwork from 2 years ago. “That desk hasn’t been that clean in years,” was the comment from the client.  As the pile begins to represent that messy state again, take a smaller amount of time each week to prevent you from having to spend a long time in the future. Or wave the white flag and say HELP!



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