Earth Day 2015 – Let’s Talk About Plastic Bags!

It amazes me that so many clients have such an overabundance of plastic bags.  It seems like they are afraid that tomorrow, Ohio will become California and ban plastic bags.  “Well, I walk my dog every day and I use the bags for that.”  OK, that’s seven bags a week.  How many bags do you get when you go to the grocery store each week? Probably seven bags.  Oops, I forgot something.  I need to go back to the grocery store.   This will most likely yield two more bags; maybe more.

Don’t forget Target; yield, five to seven bags. Drug store of choice? Another three.  Miscellaneous store? Three to five bags.

So, if you think about it, the influx of bags into your life is huge.

We need to work on controlling the bags.  I have a client that has stuffed her bags into an empty tissue box.  What a great idea!  So I stuffed 15 bags into a tissue box.  This would allow you 2 weeks of dog walking. Maybe keep the box near the leash and other dog stuff.  Uh, oh, your supply is getting low. Next time you go grocery shopping, those bags go into your dog walking bag inventory.

Do you use bags to line a small wastebasket?  Shove another 15 into another tissue box and put it in a cabinet by that wastebasket.  You probably don’t empty it more than once a week so that bag inventory will give you almost four months.

By corralling all those bags, into smaller controlled  piles, you may have given yourself another empty cupboard that was the dumping ground for your bags.

You really don’t need to keep every bag that comes into your house.  If you recycle, hang a large plastic bag near there and shove your excess bags in there.  When it gets full, tie it up or empty it into another large bag, toss it in the car and take it to the grocery store.  Most grocery stores recycle the plastic bags.

DO NOT PUT YOUR PLASTIC BAGS IN YOUR RUMPKE CONTAINER.  While touring the Rumpke facility, I witnessed a complete shutdown of the facility due to a plastic bag.  Not everything with a triangle of arrows is recyclable in our market.  If there is no buyer for #7 plastics, Rumpke will have to throw it in their trash. Follow the Rumpke rules closely about recycling.  You actually may be contaminating the good recycling by tossing in unwanted plastics.  Visit  for a complete list of acceptable recycling.

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