Organize Your Garage Before the Snow Flies

sam_5985You may have missed the National Clean Out Your Garage Day (second Saturday in September), but there is still time to look at the purpose of your garage. The definition of a garage is: a building or indoor area for parking or storing motor vehicles. Does your motor vehicle fit in your garage?

Consider the value of the things in the garage compared to the value of your motor vehicle, which is not in your garage. Any climate is hard on your car and you. The hot sun can fade a car finish and the cold weather makes it difficult to get in your car. An ice storm can cover your door handle and no one wants to scrape the snow off the car when you are running late.

Like a basement, a garage can serve many purposes. Setting up zones in your garage allows you to know where things belong and gives them a home so you know where to find them. An organizing principle in the garage is to keep things 12” off the floor. This allows you to easily sweep the garage and avoid the creepy crawlies that invade most outdoor spaces.

Another organizing principle is to utilize vertical space. Cabinets and shelving on the walls help to keep things off the floor. Your yard tools can easily be hung on a variety of tool organization systems. Cabinets help to organize small things. Shelving helps to organize larger things. If you put shelving on the floor in your garage, get the kind of shelving with adjustable shelves. This allows you to set up the bottom shelf several inches off the floor so you can sweep under the shelf. If your garage stores seasonal décor, be sure to mark tubs so you know the items inside those tubs. Don’t forget the lid to keep the dust off as well.

Keeping your garage organized keeps the car in the garage and your things stored properly and easily accessible. It makes it so much easier to find things and put them away.

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