Student Stuff

As the end of the school year approaches, or has already arrived, it’s time to look at your student’s remnants of the year. That math paper that they got a big smiley face on it, can probably be recycled.

We can’t save everything in our lives. Tell your students this because it pertains to the rest of their lives. Things and stuff come and go in our lives. If you aren’t careful, too much of it comes and very little goes.

The spiral notebooks for each subject should be recycled. If they think they will need it next year, have them write a destruction date on it for the following May. My daughters saved notes for their siblings. While it is nice for the younger sibling to have these notes to look at, they too need to write that destruction date on it for when they finish that grade.

Let’s not forget about the high school and college grads. High School grads; you probably won’t need those papers that you saved after your senior year. Although, my daughter’s freshman year at college proved that she could have used those math notes. She had a great math teacher in high school and not so great in college. Who knew? Regardless, she managed OK without those notes from high school. There was also “stuff” all over her room that had accumulated over the years. By going through it in 1 hour sessions over the summer, she got rid of quite a bit of stuff. This way, when she moves out, it’s all sorted and ready to move on to her new place. She won’t be too happy about it, but it’s her stuff.

College grads; you have been coming and going with your stuff for four years. Some stuff usable one year and not so much the next. Well, it’s time to evaluate all the personal stuff that your siblings or younger cousins can’t use. Do another sort. As you get older, the stuff of the past has less and less meaning. Take care of it now while you have time. And yes you have more time now than you will in the future. Look at your parents who may have recently downsized their parents. As Barbara Berman observed, Professional Organizer from New Jersey, you will be sorting your stuff and more eventually. Why not get rid of that 3rd grade report card now so you aren’t cursing your parents for keeping it, waiting for you to tackle it 40 years later.

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