Freedom From Clutter

As we approach the Fourth of July, think of giving yourself Freedom from Clutter! When we don’t make a decision, we put down the paper or thing we were deciding upon. Of course, some decisions don’t involve a “thing,” but today we will talk about “thing” deciding. Another “thing” comes along, and we have to make another decision. Well, all those non-decisions become clutter. Clutter is postponed decisions.







So how do you make a decision? Just do it. Yes, it is hard, but if you intensely deliberate over everything in your life, you won’t be able to enjoy life. You will continually be second guessing yourself and your decisions.

Some decisions are easier when they are about ethical or behavioral issues. “Should I just pocket this tube of lipstick because I don’t have time to wait in line?” Or, “I am running late, should I run this red light with the camera?” Those are obvious, but what about the “I am so tired, I don’t want to hang up this suit, so I’ll just throw it over the chair.” If it takes less than 3-5 minutes, just do it. There is no clothes fairy following after you to pick up your stuff. And if you think your spouse is going to do it, do them a favor and just do it yourself.

There are certain things we generally just do to maintain our life. We clean up after meals (or at least we should), we wash our clothes and ourselves. The other little things seem to be OK to leave alone. Well, those other little things can escalate very quickly and become overwhelming.

We are all appalled by the hoarders, but stuff we don’t put away is small scale hoarding. That might seem harsh, and there are other issues that cause hoarding, but finding a home for our stuff is the best way to free ourselves from our clutter.

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