Why is Labeling Your Moving Boxes Important?

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  • Prepare packing supplies
  • Make an inventory list
  • Label high priority boxes
  • Create a packaging system


Ellen Will Keep These Situations From Happening:

Where's My Stuff

Without strategy and labeling, your life will not settle down until you unpack every box. If you’re packing for storage, it’s even more important. When moving, you expect to unpack all boxes soon enough. But when storing items, you plan to keep them boxed up long term.

I think something just broke

Chances are you own at least a few things that can break when handled improperly. If you box those items up without marking the containers as fragile, you risk the items inside breaking. When you consider the cost of replacing broken electronics or the devastating loss of destroying something priceless, taking the time to label boxes properly is a small price to pay.

This is taking forever

When you label your boxes, you know where they need to go. You can take them there, open them up, and empty them quickly. When boxes are not labeled and items are haphazardly packed, there will be a lot of walking back and forth between rooms and floors to get everything where it needs to be. This can double or triple the time it takes to unpack and makes for a very messy home.

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