Kitchens and pantries are often the hub of the home! Are you always cooking, feeding, offering snacks and drinks, cleaning the kitchen, organizing the kitchen, and trying to find space for things? This is common and we have tried and true methods to give this space a system that will last! We will work to clean out, edit expired items, and contain items for easy access in locations that make sense.

Ellen Will Help Get Your Kitchen Organized

With kitchen organization services from Organized by L, our professional organizer, Ellen, will create a unique organization solution to ensure your kitchen operates at peak efficiency. Having an organizational action plan will create custom-designed, streamlined solutions to match your home and lifestyle. Imagine beginning and ending each day in a decluttered, organized kitchen with everything you need ready to prepare and serve delicious, nutritious meals for you and your family.

Organized Pantries Make Life Easier

Whether you require a complete overhaul of your current kitchen organization system, a thorough inventory and restocking of kitchen supplies, or all of the above, we’ll get to work right away. Labeling and having containers for certain items will help you do things in a more efficient manner. With Ellen, you will create an action plan that will ensure you get the most out of your pantry space. 

Ellen Will Help

Sorting Through Cupboards

Depending on the current state of your cabinets and how many you have to organize, this could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day {or more!}. Be patient with yourself – things WILL get worse before they look better. 


Gifting and discarding

Any sort of extras you have such as forks, knives, spoons, will all be set aside for you to decide on what to do with it later. These items make great hand me down gifts for friends and family.

Lining Drawers With Paper

Lining the shelves and cabinets is a great, low-commitment way to spruce up your kitchen. Con-Tact paper couldn’t be simpler to apply, and it comes in tons of colors and prints — you’re sure to find one that coordinates with your decor. 

Organizing Utensils

Proper layout ensures that you have what you need at hand, and aren’t running around the kitchen searching for cake pans or offset spatulas. For family who tends to move quickly, so efficiency is important for your success. Organization also makes the kitchen safer.

Creating a list of Needed items

Dry erase boards, post it notes, or chalk boards, whichever you decide on will help you with creating a list of items to get at the grocery store as you run out of them.


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