From Clutter to Cruiser: Reclaiming Your Garage for Your Car

What is the value of your car? What is the value of the stuff filling up your garage?

You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out the answer to that question. Yet you say, “I need the stuff in that garage!”

Let’s assume your goal is to put the car in the garage. It’s OK if you want to keep the stuff, but you need to organize the stuff. Start by scheduling a date. You will never find time if you don’t make time. Get realistic. You can find time if you think of the long-term improvements.

To get started, think of categories. You are going to put like with like. Lawn care, car care, toys, picnic, holiday, trash etc.

Once you have it sorted, it gives you an idea of what needs to be stored. Not everything needs to be in a 55 qt bin. If you have a small group of items, it can be in a smaller bin. You also need to consider ease of access. If you use it frequently, it doesn’t necessarily have to have a lid. If it’s seasonal décor or such, you probably want to have a bin with a lid. This will keep the dust off the items when not in use.

Your goal in organizing is to get things off the floor. If it has wheels, it can stay on the floor. Otherwise, consider shelving or a track to hang on the wall. Five shelf adjustable chrome shelving is great for all those small things. The adjustable shelves give you the flexibility to store articles of various sizes. Going vertical allows you to utilize space that is available to free up floor space for say, a car.

Tracks on the wall have a variety of hooks that can accommodate tools and things. Maybe you have bag chairs standing in a corner. Get those off the floor by hanging them on hooks with yard tools.

Organizing the garage is a big project, but the benefits of getting in a car inside your garage during inclement weather will make your efforts worthwhile. You can also find more garage organization tips and tricks on our blog.

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